Ideas are worthless

I have a book.  This book contains all my ideas, each clearly laid out with pictures, a unique business plan, an implementation plan and marketing plan.  I’m not talking about ideas with no market value, rather those that have undergone hundreds of hours of analysis and tuning.  These ideas are a finely detailed set of instructions on how someone would create a company from these ideas.  And they lie dormant, worthless.  Without a champion these ideas will never become real and have no more value than the paper they are written on. 

I attend lots of meetup groups and meet many people with many good ideas.  Many of these people in the idea phase is hesitant to share their idea because they think it may get stolen.

Here’s the truth, your idea is not unique, and somebody else is probably already building it.  The only way you have to get your idea off the ground is to share it and hope someone with your opposite skill set likes it enough to join you in your venture.  We live in a time when yes it’s easier and cheaper than ever to get a business started but more important than ever to have a cross functional team extremely well versed in a number of different areas.  No longer can a guy with no design or marketing skills throw some hardware together and slap their last name on the box and sell millions of units.  No longer can we build a basic CRUD application and expect it to be so unique users will want to check it out.  We live in a world where only a blend of the most talented talents from a variety of backgrounds and personas can create anything interesting enough to become mainstream. 

Building a better mousetrap may have worked years ago but it’s just not good enough anymore. For an idea to become anything more than some scribbles on paper it needs technology, marketing, social connection, design, manufacturing, capital, customer service, legal advisement, etc.  Without people to help you with all of these items, which you cannot do all on your own, your idea is and always will be just a worthless piece of paper.


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