Small Pond

I love long island. I think it’s one of the most interesting places you could raise a family and I’m proud to have grown up there. There is always something to do, the city is an hour away and yet you have enough options to be whoever you want to be.

However, for a young adult looking to make a name for themselves, Long Island, or any suburb for that matter is a step is actually a hindrance to their success.

We can use a fish tank analogy. Lets say you live in a little tank, you are ambitious, resourceful, and smart. You will undoubtedly grow larger than the other fish. Congratulations, you are the biggest fish in your little tank.

Contrast this with a huge tank, the size of a football field. You start small and vulnerable but if you’re meant to, you quickly grow into a substantial size if you survive. The same fish in the small tank has grown three times larger in the big tank, as a result of nothing else except their environment.

Lesson: Recent grads, if you want to grow to your potential, start in a place where you have the most opportunity and the most to lose. If you start on Long Island your career options will be limited for the rest of your career. If you start in NYC you’re potential will be limited only by the size of the fish you want to become.



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