Unlock your business’s potential with an API

Having worked as a software developer for many years in the credit & banking industry, I came to realize how much of the day to day was spent on maintenance. Most of my days were spent maintaining legacy systems and occasionally writing minor enhancements for existing systems.  The biggest innovation we could hope for was a few year project to put a chat system in place.   I wrote about this many times during my MBA research, mostly out of frustration.  However, in my new role at Personetics where we integrate into many different Financial Institutions, I’ve come to find this ‘maintenance mindset’ is practiced in most organizations.

In many mid-size banks, especially those built upon a system of record like FIS, Fiserv, & Jack Henry, I offer you a challenge, one that many new successful tech companies have employed: Build a set of Web Services for your organization.

Like these new tech companies, if you offer webservices or an API – you can focus on your core business while other companies and services can easily augment your platform without large development costs.

Let me give an example. Personetics can provide personalized financial insights and an automated chat to almost any Financial Organization. However, we need the bank’s data to do this effectively.

We could use the Service provider’s APIs (e.g. FIS connectware) but we don’t want access to your PII and you’ll probably want to filter out other proprietary information. Direct

We could write our own hooks into your system, scrape data from your websites, interface into your databases, which will take a lot of time (months), increase costs, and increase project risks.


We should connect to your API that you created and control, limiting our access to your data & your customer’s secure info.


If you have a set of webservices we can integrate them quickly in a matter of weeks, not months. That means in weeks you could have a virtual agent to augment your live chat and support your customers better than ever before, lower operational costs, and crossell directly to highly targeted customers.  Even better, once a set of Webservices is built you can scale it to many other products/services without having to do any additional work! Lower costs, increase product offerrings, increase time to market, lower risk – “Webservices = opportunity”


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